Step Into Shape

Step Into ShapeOh my goodness…

There I was going through my limited ‘video’ collection (I know, who still has one?!) and I came across this ‘Step Into Shape’ video made by YMCA and starring none other than me!

During my fitness career, I completed the YMCA exercise to music and fitness instructor courses and on passing both certificates I was offered the opportunity to work with the YMCA. What a great time that was!

It was one of the highlights of my time in the fitness world to work as a fitness train the trainer and assessor so when the opportunity came up to take part in a video I was all in!

Crazy long fitness weekends, working out pretty much 5-7 days per week were my norm and I loved it. And whilst that may have been more years ago than I care to mention, I am still feeling the benefits of having looked after myself.

And now I have found the very same video, ‘Step Into Shape’ on DVD and ordered a copy; not just to reminisce about my fitness heydays of course, but to integrate into my fitness regime.

Just need to make sure there’s a stretcher waiting in the wings!

What fitness recommendations do you have to share? Let me know….


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