Question Time!

Question Time!woman-2051420_1920.jpg


This week I am answering a question I received back in 2013 that focuses on career progression. Whilst it is not about starting a business there are elements of the answer that we can all apply whatever we are doing…

Question Time: I’m not ready to consider starting my own business but I would like to pursue my career and get promoted. What advice can you give me?

A great question! Starting a business is not for everyone but being the best you can be most definitely is! So in answer to this question here are my top 6 tips:

  1. Continue providing the great support in the role you are currently in. No matter what you are doing right now, how you do it matters. I came to realise as an employee that people were always watching, even when I thought they weren’t. If you can demonstrate your willingness and ability to do your job well, there is a real chance one of those watchers will notice you and that alone could work in your favour.
  2. Make sure you get recognition for the work you do, preferably in writing so that you can build a portfolio of your successes. Not only can you use the portfolio when seeking a promotion it can also serve to lift you when you are having moments of doubt about your abilities; testimonials carry weight.
  3. Start to or continue to connect with your peers, especially those who are further up the career ladder than you and as you build a relationship ask what it takes to move up, what you can do to speed up the process (qualifications, good events to attend where the type of people you want to work for/with go to). And thank them for sharing their expertise – they might even offer to mentor you!
  4. Know it is never too late and you don’t have to have years and years in a role before you can move up. Demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities through your attitude… choose to shine.
  5. Read up on your industry and your company. Have more understanding of it than your role requires. This will give you the confidence to take part in conversations with senior members of your team as well as when you are out networking.
  6. Be prepared to do things others won’t! Lots of people talk about ‘wanting success’ and yet do not want to put the work in to gain the success they desire. If you don’t stand out you will blend in with the scenery! Put yourself out there, speak at events, use networking to connect and build relationships and keep your online profiles up to date; people will look you up…

And as a final note, be prepared to put yourself forward for projects and for new positions. Show that you have faith in your abilities and are willing to learn. I really hope that helps.

And if you lovely readers have any other tips to add then please post them below.

Live Blissfully,


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