So You Want To Be A Superwoman? art-1583051_1920

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a superwoman. I wanted to have all the answers, I wanted to be seen to be able to do everything and I wanted to be perfect…

But then reality hit me and it hit me hard! I didn’t have all the answers; trying to do everything was taking me to planet ‘burnt out’ and being perfect… what the hell is that?!

So what did I do? I sat down and redesigned Superwoman! Why? Because I meet lots of superwomen and they are not defined by perfection, knowing it all or doing it all. They are women who know their worth, who know their value.

Superwoman redefined & redesigned:

She is comfortable in her own skin – she looks in the mirror and says with confidence and belief ‘I love you’. She’s not a particular dress size, her hair has no one look; she is so much more than any of that… and she knows it!

Understands she will have strengths & weaknesses… and that’s okay. There are things she can do with her eyes closed and there are things that bring her out in a sweat but she knows how to delegate and she is always open to learning.

Perfectly Imperfect – she knows perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and being busy trying to be perfect probably means you’re not achieving the things you truly want to. Perfect? Who cares!

Empathetic – she knows she doesn’t have to change her point of view to win people over. Instead, she focuses on putting herself in other people’s shoes so that she can see things as they do, not judging, not telling them they are right or wrong, just acknowledging there is more than one way to see things.

Rallies on behalf of others – she loves equality and believes everyone has something to offer; she wants to see their ‘special’ unleashed! She is willing to lend her voice or be the voice for others.

Worries less – she knows that worrying does not help, in fact, it hinders because like attracts like. Worrying is for those who are living in the past and she lives in the now!

Open To Learning – she realises that life is a journey; that her learning will continue for as long as she does! She will never have all the answers but by investing time in her mind, she will expand her possibilities and opportunities.

Motivated to make decisions – ‘Decisions get you into action’ this superwoman knows being self-motivated matters and getting things done is necessary to move on & up. She is willing to call the shots because she believes in herself and what she does.

Authentic – ‘What you see is what you get’. This superwoman gets the job done on her terms. She is not afraid to show her true colours because they are who she is. Love her or hate her, she doesn’t flinch. She remains content, she remains true to who she is and no one can take that away.

Never afraid to admit when she is wrong – She believes that admitting to her mistakes makes her stronger, not weaker; more respected and more trusted. So she happily holds her hand up when she is wrong and even ‘thanks’ those who are kind enough to correct her.

And SUPERWOMAN never gives up… She believes in what she does, values what she can offer, knowing it can make a real difference and she is willing to put herself out there to prove it!

So here’s the question; what does superwoman mean to you?

Live Blissfully!


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