Rough & Tumble… I Did it!

R&TSunday 12th of January arrived and with it the first of my charity fundraising events; Rough & Tumble… I Did It!

I’m not sure how I did it because it was by far the toughest ‘run’ I have ever done (more walking than running on my part) and more challenging than I had expected. It made my half marathon look like a walk in the park yet it was only ten miles; but 10 miles of flood water covered terrain, sticky, slippery mud (that was strong enough to pull trainers off) and near vertical hill climbs with equally difficult descents.

My goal – purely to finish. Having never taken part in an off-road event before setting a finish time made little sense. It took me a gruelling 2 hours 23 to complete – 19 minutes longer than my half marathon!

It was a great day and I felt I really achieved something, testing my fitness within an inch of its life (there is work to be done!!) Yet I salute you Rough & Tumble… I Did It!

To see the champs of the day who ran spectacular times visit here.

To build my BT Donate fundraising pot for Business Against Poverty visit here and my May 2014 fundraising event choices will be online soon so get ready to get voting!



P.S – Big shout out to the lovely guys at Somer AC who very kindly transported me to and from the event (Mark & Richard – thank you!)

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