Yes You Can Challenge

I’ve been busy reflecting on my Yes You Can Challenge fundraising event that took place 3YBon Sunday 12th January in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire. Tough? I can’t begin to tell you just how tough it was but…

As I travelled around the 10-mile course I began to connect the challenge to my life experience.

Hill number one: A tall climb with nothing to hold onto but grass – if you fancied getting close to the ground! As I looked up it I thought about the times I had been faced with the unknown, not knowing how to move forward but digging deep enough and wanting it enough to come up with solutions. And just as I saw runners helping each other up, it reminded me of the people who helped me along the way, especially when I was struggling to advance.

Hill number two: Oh my goodness, this hill was possibly 20 degrees short of vertical and although it wasn’t a tall climb every step took my breath away. This hill was reminiscent of the days when I questioned my sanity when the struggle seemed too great to bear. But just like climbing the hill I took one step at a time, stopping to catch my breath as often as necessary, not worrying about speed or people passing me, just focused on getting to my destination no matter what.

Now, there were a few other hills and slopes that were equally challenging but these first two really stood out for me.

They reminded me of the key skills I have developed since being in business:

1. Focus – Keep my eye on the prize, my ultimate goal in order to remember why I do what I do (on Sunday it was about getting to the finish line for my charity and my fitness)
2. Desire – Wanting the prize enough to make it worth any amount of pain (my desire with the event was to start raising funds for Business Against Poverty because I believe in the work they do and the difference they make – no matter what)
3. Discipline – Having steps to take and doing them (on Sunday I mapped out when to run, when to walk and when to stop to catch my breath instead of racing ahead and running out of steam)
4. Determination – ‘Yes You Can’ anthem ringing loud and clear in my ears from start to finish of every task (on Sunday committing to doing the 10 miles even if it meant walking over the finish line)
5. Responsibility – Knowing my decisions are mine and therefore the outcomes are also mine to own (I was responsible for my wellbeing and for completing the course. No one forced me to do anything, in fact, they just encouraged me with claps and cheers)

A brilliant day of learning, even if I say so myself! Well worth the sweat, mud and pain… And yes, I would do it all again in a heartbeat

Live Blissfully

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