Authentically You…

There is much talk about authenticity and the importance of finding your true self.  Being smiling-woman-1340662_1280authentically you…

Authentic is about being you, the real you, the all-powerful unique self; it is where your potential lies.

How do you get to a place of being authentically you? It requires digging
through the layers of programmed habits and beliefs that have shaped you. That is no easy task as many of the habits and beliefs have been embedded from childhood.

One of the first ways to start searching out your authenticity is to be curious. Ask yourself why you believe the things you do, why you do the things you do, why you react the way you do. When I first did this as an exercise it was quite startling as many of my beliefs were things I was told and educated to believe. That threw me and scared me. What were my true feelings and thoughts? How could I get to them?

Once you have gone through the questioning process you can begin to search for your own answers. This is a journey, not a two-minute quick fix! Creating your own thoughts, desires and needs based on your own research, reflections and conversations is a very empowering and freeing thing to do.

Being authentically you frees you from feeling the need to live up to others expectations; you set your own.

It also allows you to make clear decisions, decisions that resonate with you at a core level, that have a true meaning to you. The ‘should do, must do’ mindset is broken down (these things indicate your need to fulfil others expectations) and replaced with ‘I feel, I think, I believe’ mindset; assertive and self-driven.

Other than being free to create your own thoughts and thus create the life you desire being authentically you is also likely to impact you spiritually. Your ability to see beyond you and your needs are likely to increase to include the wellbeing of your fellow human beings. When we are in touch with our core self we are also in touch with the connection we have with others.

Further more your authentic self-operates from a ‘tell it as you see it’ place, enabling openness and honesty.

This may not always be well received (or appreciated) however when you communicate from this place your intentions are focused on the betterment of all, not the demise and this frees you from the ‘need to be liked’ syndrome that we are exposed to in our society.

Get to know you, your values, what really matters to you and start living the life that reflects those values. In that moment you will begin to feel contentment, fulfilled and ultimately like YOU!

Live Blissfully!


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