Fit and Healthy On A Shoestring…

You want to get fit, you want to improve your well-being but… money’s too tight to sandboarding-67663_1280.jpgmention! Gym memberships are out so what now? How can you get fit and healthy on a shoestring budget?

1. Walking or running costs nothing! You just have to have the commitment to get up and go. This is often easiest when you have a partner to walk/run with but don’t let the lack of a partner stop you either. Take some music with you or simply enjoy noticing things around you that you probably haven’t before. And check out your local running group as many have low membership fees & weekly costs. Even if you commit to the club visit once or twice per month it will hep you to create your own programme on your ‘do it yourself’ days. Even start your own walking group; getting social & fit.

2. Check out the exercise videos on YouTube... Free! There are endless options here, and yes, some better than others. Find what suits your needs and desires (here’s a list: Fitness on YouTube). I really like Jillian Michaels but there are so many more!

3. Throw a dance party! If you’re anywhere near my age you will remember the days of home parties where people came to hear great music and dance their socks off. Dancing is one of the most freeing exercise forms in my opinion. Whether you think you have rhythm or not, it’s about enjoying the music that makes you feel good. And a dance party can consist of just you and the dance floor; anytime you like!

4. Household chores are what they are but you can really use them to burn up some calories when you put your mind to it. Hoover like you mean it, dust as if you’re on a mission and take up gardening.

5. If you have kids, get to a park and have some fun. There is something special about being a kid again and your children will love it (well, unless their the age of my son (26) who would think I had lost my mind if I tried to take him to the park to play!)

6. Be a dog walker! Earn some money and get fit. How many people in your neighbourhood have pets that need more exercise than they get? Plenty; I’m sure.

7. Eating well doesn’t have to cost the earth (although I think we are seriously lacking in ‘health orientated dining facilities). Try some money-saving meals.

I’m sure there are lots more cost-effective fitness tips so please post yours below. Let’s help others get their fitness mojo on, on a shoestring!

Live Blissfully,


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