Am I Too Old To Start My Own Business?

Here’s a question I get asked time and time again: Am I too old to start my If Not Nowown business?

Apart from the fact that I believe you are never too old to achieve your dreams, research carried out by NatWest found that six out of 10 women in business who want to go solo are aged 40+. It is a great time to turn your experience into the work you love!

And there are plenty of  highly successful women in business over 40, here are a few examples;

Raquel Skidmore-Johnson of Coupage product design company, USA based – Co-founder & Creative Director

Karen Scofield-Seal Fashion entrepreneur at Lucza, UK-based – Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Sarah Weck, of Hidden Springs Maple – a maple syrup farm, USA based

Truly, there is no perfect age to start a business but one of the bonuses you have from your late 30’s onwards is the experience; both in life and in work. Once you realise how to convert that experience into transferable skills you’ll see how irrelevant age is – in fact, it’s a bonus!

Take it from a late bloomer; I was 38 when I started working for myself and discovering just how much I had to bring to the table was surprisingly delightful!

What do see as the bonuses of going into business in your 40’s? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Live Blissfully


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