Random Acts Of Kindness

Each day we are presented with opportunities to perform random acts of Kindnesskindness but sometimes we get too busy with our own ‘stuff’ to see them. Fortunately last Thursday, that was not the case…

Leaving home to head to my local internet cafe I decided to do the 2 miles on foot, forfeiting the luxury of the bus ride! As usual, there were a number of dog walkers,  joggers and cyclists out, all making the most of what was a warm, welcoming morning.

Having just moved back to the area it was lovely to bump into one of my old neighbours, Tony. We had a quick chat and I left him to gather his dogs.

I left that particular path and crossed the main road to walk along path number two. Within 3 minutes I was joined by a little dog; it was so cute and it had clearly decided I was going to be its new friend… A little concerned as I couldn’t see anyone behind me, I continued walking. However, after another few minutes, my concern for the dog grew. I approached an oncoming dog walker and asked if this was his regular route and whether he recognised the terrier that was stuck firmly by my side.

Cutting a long story short, I did a U-turn and figured that someone, somewhere was missing a dog and I needed to find them. The dog walker I met, a lovely gentleman called Dan, very kindly lent me his lead so that I could cross the road safely with the pooch. I took his number and address, promising to return the lead as soon as possible.

Eventually, I found a friend of the dog owner and yes, the owner turned out to be none other than my ex-neighbour, Tony! Oh, the relief on his face; indescribable. Thankful for the safe return of his dog I left him to return the lead to Dan, who also thanked me for being so considerate.

In the space of 30 minutes two random acts of kindness were performed; returning the dog to its rightful owner and Dan lending me his lead to do so. End result;  Tony & Bertie the dog happily reunited and thankful…

I just love those moments…

Live Blissfully,


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