Serve Your Customers Well…

“Customer service is an organisation’s ability to supply their customers’ wants and service 1needs.”

Excellent Customer Service is…

  • Building rapport
  • Being well informed
  • Making customers feel special
  • Delivering on promises
  • Being Empathetic (complaint handling)
  • Having staff that represent the businesses values
  • Listening to the needs & wants of the customers

“The impact of providing poor customer service can be long lasting and often hidden from businesses. Why? Because the majority of dissatisfied customers will not let you know they are unhappy; they just don’t return.”

Customer Service Facts:

1. It costs 5 times more to attract a new company than it does to keep an existing one.
2. Of the customers who register a complaint as many as 70% will do business again with you if their complaint is dealt with in an effective manner. This rises to 95% if the complaint has been resolved swiftly.
3. Customers who have had their complaints satisfactorily resolved will tell an average of 5 people about the treatment they received.
4. The average business owner never hears from 96% of its dissatisfied customers.
5. Dissatisfied customers may tell up to 10 people about their experience. And in today’s market more and more people are displaying their dissatisfaction on social media sites.
6. For every complaint received the average business has another 26 customers with the same or similar complaint.

(Stats from Technical Assistance Research Programmes Institute, Washington DC, USA)

So it is clear to see why building a relationship with your clients is key. They have choices!

Build better relationships by being:

  • In touch with them at point of sale – give them the help they need willingly and happily
  • In touch with them a few times a year with an offer – invite them to enjoy your services & products
  • In touch with them on a weekly or monthly basis providing useful tips and tools

Without customer loyalty, your business will struggle to survive!


  • Make Customer Service a Priority
  • Have a Customer Service Policy
  • Empower your staff/associates and trust them to do a great job
  • Remove unwanted customers
  • Be contactable – website with contact info, call handler, emails that are checked
  • Build a Customer Service Brand into your brand
  • Be passionate, determined and humble…
  • Deliver on your promise
  • Fix mistakes quickly and effectively
  • Give your existing customers a reason to stay
  • Segment your customer list to ensure they each get the service they deserve
  • Give them value – more info & tips than sales pitches!

Build Your Business Blissfully!


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