Growing Healthy

Hands up, I have neglected my blog for some time. Now usually this GrowingHealthywould demand some serious telling off of self, however, I have been on a growth spurt, what I lovingly call ‘Growing Healthy’!

With my student hat firmly in place, I have taken some time away from writing to:

  • Become an Advanced Weight Loss Practitioner
  • Complete several nutrition courses
  • Complete an Effective Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course

Oh, and to write another book ‘Feeling Fab At 50’ (because I will be in 2015!)

Learning is such a game changer. Just when you think you know enough about a topic to do it justice, boom, you turn a few more pages and suddenly realise how much more growing you can do… I love it!

Whilst enriching my mind (and in turn enriching my life) I wanted to share one of my favourite finds in the world of nutrition; the top ten superfoods!

A superfood is, by definition, a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. And if you’d like to grab a list to remind yourself or to share with someone who would benefit from the knowledge just click on SUPERFOODS and access your copy.

And my top tip for wellbeing

‘If you want to get truly fit get truly healthy’

Growing Healthy!

Live Blissfully,


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