Walking In Treacle

Do you ever have days when you struggle to get it together? When everything feels a little bit more difficult to do than it should? My day started that way and it felt a little bit like walking in treacle; every step was slowed and somewhat uncomfortable.

Now, it may well be the day after a really good day feeling or it may just be that my mind was not in a place of gratitude. Either way, the treacle had to go! So I got myself washed, dressed and headed out for a long walk.

Windy but with the sunshine pushing through the trees I strolled along one of my favourite footpaths slowly, taking in nature and allowing the sun to warm me whenever the trees gave way to allow it. Every breath of fresh air awakened me from the inside out. The cows in the field were busy feeding, ignoring me and that made me smile; happy cows 🙂

And this beautiful autumn day served to remind me of many things…

It reminded me that I was alive, that I had the greatest pleasure life offers; a new day
It reminded me that I was part of something bigger than myself as I walked and was greeted by other morning walkers; I was connected
It reminded me that whatever was bothering my mind, it would pass because I could choose to focus on something more worthy of my energy; control my thoughts

And as I reflected on these facts, a new day, being connected to others and acknowledging ownership of my thoughts, I felt calm, relaxed and back in love with life. I remembered the happiness at the centre of me…

4 miles later and I had stopped walking in treacle and instead began walking in joy; engrossed by the sound of the rustling leaves as the wind blew with gusto, the movement of the grass swaying to and fro and the power of the sun, its rays continuing to warm me. Exit treacle.

Thank you God, Thank you Universe…

What do you do on treacle days?

Live Blissfully

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