The Power Of Giving

Is there any power in giving? I believe there is and I’ll share my ‘why’ with you…what-are-you-doing-for-others-giving-back-picture-quote

Whether we like it or not, we are connected and it is our connectedness that requires us to give to each other. Giving is an opportunity to look outside of our immediate selves, our day to day lives and realise there is more to it than paying the bills, wanting more ‘stuff’ or daily routines. Life is so much bigger than that!

In fact I believe through giving, some of the greatest joy we can ever experience is achieved.

We live in a time of blame, a constant state of pointing the finger. Someone else isn’t doing their bit… But really what we need to ask is ‘what am I doing?’ You see we can sit and wonder why the world is in chaos, we can blame corrupt or inept Governments, dodgy politicians with unethical stances and low moral principles, terrorists and other groups who put no value on a human life, all day long.

On the other hand we can ask ourselves ‘what can I do to make a difference?’

You see the beauty & power of giving is this ‘it doesn’t have to an earth shattering action, newsworthy or seen by all; the act of giving itself makes the difference even when you don’t see the outcome. There is and always will be a ripple effect, that unseen, unquantifiable after effect that goes on making changes long after our contributions have been made. If you’ve ever seen the film Pay It Forward you’ll know what I mean (and if you haven’t – it’s a must see!)

A random act of kindness is a way to give and I wrote a post about it earlier this year (read my doggie story) – all I gave was some time and yet the impact lasted way past the moment. I still see Tony now and he always tells me xxx will never forget me… so sweet 🙂

1. I believe we are all here to serve others
2. I believe our greatest rewards are received through serving others
3. And I believe that if we all strive to do something for someone else every day (listen, give some time, do shopping, collect their children) the landscape of our world would change dramatically… forever 4. We can change people’s perceptions of life simply by showing we care

Giving should never be or feel like some tick box exercise because it is much bigger and much deeper than that. It is the goodness of humanity.

On top of that here are some additional benefits worth remembering:

1. Research has shown that giving increases self-esteem, with the person giving reporting both greater personal empowerment as well as better health. It can stimulate the release of endorphins, which have been linked to improving the nervous and immune system functions, giving a “high” similar to the high experienced by regular exercisers. If I can get high from giving, I’m on it!

2. It keeps us connected; did you know that people with fewer social contacts have a shorter life span than people with wide social circle? And that’s regardless of race, gender, income level or lifestyle.

3. Life can be hard and when you’re feeling down, your problems often seem insurmountable. Giving back can offer a new perspective—seeing people who are worse off than you are, yet still hanging in there, can help you see your life in a whole new light.

4. We get to feel needed and appreciated. When we give, we realize just how much we are truly needed.

5. And finally there is that unforgettable heart warming smile or thank you from someone that reinforces that what you have done really makes a difference in someone’s life. What can beat that?

The Power of Giving; it is a lifetime commitment; it is part of being the best version of you.

So remember; no more blaming, no more excuses.

As the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi states;
‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’

We are all responsible…

Live Blissfully

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