Are you a wantrepreneur or the real deal? What entrepreneurs do that wannabes don’t!

Do you dream about starting your own business? Have you started one WvsEbut struggle to get it moving? Are you a wantrepreneur or an entrepreneur? And what’s the difference?

The wantrepreneur gets all the paperwork in order and even goes as far as registering the business, ordering the stationery, including the fabulous business cards and gets the marketing gimmicks in place (t-shirts, pens, postcards).

Not understanding her true value the wantrepreneur avoids investing in her learning. Why should she invest? After all, there is plenty of free info on the web. Who needs ‘paid for’ advice?

Contrary to knowing the basics for what works and utilising them the wantrepreneur senses she knows best, she has what it takes to outsmart the rest. And so she goes it alone, completely alone. Not only is she smart enough to do it all she doesn’t feel the need to network with others, to seek their advice or benefit from their experience.

As for collaborating, why would she? The wantrepreneur wants 100% of the profits for her; after all, she is doing all the work!

When the wantrepreneur does have her product or service ready for market she fails to test it. She knows her way (one way usually) will work its magic and customers will be knocking down her door… Right.

And finally the wantrepreneur believes it is all about her. She is emotionally attached to everything she does so when things are going well she shines like a star but the minute they hit a rough patch she believes the world has ended. It’s tough out there.

So how does the wantrepreneur differ from the entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur has customers! She builds her community having carried out some market research, having identified her target audience and asking them what is important to them. She will only create services & products that fulfil their needs and they love her for it.

The entrepreneur invests in her education, in her development and herself. She knows that every penny she invests in herself has an ROI (return on investment) but she also avoids getting sucked into every ‘6 figure income business’ workshop on the planet, whilst seeking out inspiring role models and mentors who speak her language.

The entrepreneur finds like-minded women to network with and mastermind with; some are where she is and others are where she aspires to be. This all adds to her personal growth and her business.

The entrepreneur sees real value in collaborating and creating joint ventures to add value for her audience and to grow her audience. Provide more value, get in front of more people who like similar products & services helps her business and her profits grow whilst remaining true to the way in which she wants to help others.

The entrepreneur tests her marketing efforts so that she knows what works and what doesn’t. This means, going forward, she can use her marketing budget efficiently & effectively. And if she has treated her customers well, they will be the best marketing department she could dream of!

Finally the entrepreneur, whilst loving her business, understands not all things go to plan and if something ‘fails’ she can go back to the drawing board, see what worked versus what didn’t and start anew; more knowledgeable, more ready and more motivated.

If you are serious about having a business, make the right choices!

Live Blissfully

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