5 Steps to Loving Your Life More

Have you ever woken up wishing there was more to your life? If so, these 5 Heartsteps to loving your life more might be just the thing you need…

Be a Life Long Learner
Challenge yourself to learn new things! There is so much you can do to increase your knowledge & skills and doing so can be incredibly rewarding. Every year I set myself 3-4 professional/personal development goals, usually courses on subjects that are meaningful to me. In 2014 I completed a nutrition course, an advanced weight loss practitioner course and a course on applying emotional intelligence to leadership. Not only have I been able to apply the learning for my own development, I have also been able to help and serve others.
Key: Learn, Apply, Teach…

Take Your Health Seriously:
If you want to know what it feels like to have unlimited energy, get your health in order. This is not just about working out, it’s also about addressing your eating habits, getting enough sleep and taking time out to connect with your inner self (meditation, yoga). Whilst I have always enjoyed working out I have had to give myself a real wake up call around my eating habits (they have previously been ‘rubbish’ to say the least). Eating a cleaner range of foods that fuel my body to feel good has made a world of difference to my output, my ability to focus and to think clearly. Whatever your stumbling block is around health (food, exercise, smoking, excessive drinking to name but a few), don’t ignore them; give them your full attention…
Key: Your health is your wealth!

Celebrate Your Successes:
It’s okay to have success, in fact I would encourage you to seek it out (as long as the definition for success is yours)! Whatever your work objectives or leisure pursuits celebrate each goal you achieve. Not only will this help to remind you how much you have done but it will also remind you of how amazing you are. Having recently won a business award I am celebrating my success by sharing the news with my community on social media, having a fun weekend celebrating with some of the people who have been super supportive on my journey as well as putting my awards up on display. However big or small your successes are, enjoy them
Key: Spread the joy! (Your success can inspire someone else to seek out theirs)

Have Fun & Laugh Out Loud!
Yes, yes, yes… You cannot possibly get too much fun in your life (if you do, I dare you to share the secret!) We are living in times when sad news is rife and it is very easy to feel drained by it all. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s okay to bring joy in your life and most certainly into the lives of others. Spending time with my siblings & friends, catching up, laughing out loud at their antics (& a few of my own) reminds me why I love life so much. Enjoy your life and fill as much of it as possible with happy sunny memories.
Key: Fun & laughter are like sunshine – shine on!

Give Back
Just as it is important to have fun, it is also important to give back. Every day there is someone who is going through a harder time than you. There is someone who needs support. It is a fundamental human need to feel wanted and in giving back this need can be easily met. I am eternally thankful for the opportunity to support my chosen charity, Business against Poverty, but also to find other ways of giving back (I’ve signed up for the London Marathon to raise funds for Get Kidz Going in 2015). What charities are close to your heart that you can support? Which of your neighbours would welcome your help, be it time or tasks? What can you do to help your local community or the world at large?
Key: Pay it forward!

One Life, Live It Well,







Best Hobby To Business Support Award 2014

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