In Your Pursuit of Happiness…

Because I’m happy… Really? It’s probably the most sought out thing Happyon the planet; some find it (often not where they thought it would be) whilst it seems to evade others. And if you fall into that last category, in your pursuit of happiness there are 3 things to do daily to experience happiness in your life…

First Things First

Understand the power of Gratitude: it comes from the Latin word ‘gratus’, which means “thankful, pleasing”.

The beautiful thing about gratitude is that helps you realise just how much you have in your life already, often when you think or feel like you have nothing. The more gratitude you feel, the happier you get!

So What’s the Big Deal with Happiness?

Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Laura Kubzansky, HSPH associate professor of society, human development, and health carried out research: In a 2007 study that followed more than 6,000 men & women aged 25 to 74 for 20 years, she found that emotional vitality—a sense of enthusiasm, of hopefulness, of engagement in life, and the ability to face life’s stresses with emotional balance—appears to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • It has been observed that a person with joyful approach toward his work life possesses greater chances of getting promoted and earns more money.
  • A happy mental state helps the body to release the “hormones of satisfaction” also known as “hormones of euphoria”. They further boost your happiness and make you feel better about yourself.
  • A happy approach toward life eliminates fear, anxiety and stress.

And the list goes on & on (Check out research, happiness show and topyaps for more benefits)

So what are the 3 things you need to do?

Every day, preferably in the morning, take a few minutes to sit, relax and identify:

  1. 3 things to be grateful for in your personal life
  2. 3 things to be grateful for in your professional/career life
  3. 3 things you love about yourself

Do this every day and begin to notice the little things that bring you joy like walking the dog, soaking in the bath, having the house to yourself or getting to read a book. Happiness is not an exclusive feeling for ‘huge successes’, it is a feeling you can tap into right here, right now when you appreciate your life, right here, right now.

You don’t have to go too far in your pursuit of happiness, you just have to decide to be thankful for the small things and watch happiness blossom…

Live Blissfully

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