One Differentiator between Being Successful & Being Okay

Success can be defined in numerous ways but whichever way it is, it speaks of abundance. So portrait-856125_1280someone might be successful in their career with testimonials, awards and constant promotions to demonstrate it. Someone might be successful in business, creating profit within a short period of time and consistently growing their business. Someone else might be successful in health, losing weight, building muscle and completely changing their experience of life because of it. All of these show success and the one common denominator? They were all willing to do what others were not. The abundance they experienced came from consistent focused hard work; the one differentiator between being successful and being okay.

Earlier this year I listened to The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell where he talked about the power of 10,000 hours; the time it takes to master your field. A very insightful audio book causing me to consider my own journey and the hours I have put in.

As I reflected on my time in business I remembered the days that never seemed to end, when I would be ‘on a roll’, writing, creating materials and connecting with people. There were no boundaries around my time I just worked until I was too tired to, often falling asleep on my bed with my laptop still in reach. However, I also realised that those moments were not consistent; there would be 6 months or even a year of all-out focus followed by months of doing ‘just enough’. So each time I took my foot off the pedal the momentum I had built would flat-line, ultimately altering the outcome.

The flat-lining would always spur me on to increase my input again yet had I been more consistent the goals I have gone on to achieve and the ones I have yet to would have come about sooner and I would be further along my life plan. But no matter; there is beauty in hindsight and I am blessed with another day to regain that focus (never give up…) 🙂

You see I believe we are gifted with an immense power to achieve great things; every single one of us. But it is our desire and willingness to apply that power and go beyond the norm that decides on the level of success we achieve.

So if you have been aching for success, ask yourself:

‘What am I willing to do that others are not?’
‘When will I start to do what it takes?’
‘Am I hungry enough to work hard enough or is doing okay, okay with me?’

If you need some words of encouragement to start creating your dreams, grab a copy of The Outliers… You won’t be disappointed.

Live Blissfully

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