10 Tips To Support You On The Road To Success

Success can only be measured by the individual who wishes to achieve it; it is not one Success Isdefinable thing. But here are 10 tips to support you on the road to success…

  1. Get Focused. Tune out the noise and distractions and get down to the business of doing what needs to be done to achieve what you want to achieve. This has been one of the key things I have had to learn to do; get in the zone and don’t be thrown! If you have a project to do, switch off the phone, turn emails off and carve out a set amount of time to be totally focused. That might be 90-minute segments as generally speaking humans are not great at staying focused for long periods of time. That said, when you give yourself the opportunity to ‘get in the flow’ it is easy to extend that time.
  1. Take the S from SMART and be Specific. Be 100% clear on what you are aiming to achieve. This will help you to stay focused and any task, conversation or action that moves you away from the ‘specific’ needs to wait. For example, you decide to do some online research on health ‘for your target market’. You go onto a site with lots of other interesting information, not specifically for your audience, but you’re compelled to comb through it all; you lose an hour, maybe even 2. If you have a more specific action; ‘to find out the no. 1 health issue my audience faces’, you can type a clearer question into the search engine and get to what you want quicker with less fluff.
  1. One thing at a time! Often we are tempted to attempt a number of big jumps in one leap and it rarely brings the results we want. So instead of deciding to write a book and launch a new product at the same time, decide which one warrants your FOCUS (identify why) and put the other project in the queue. It will still be there when you’ve finished – I promise! This is something I often get caught up in and it slows progress so avoid it…
  1. Planning. Write down your goals and the steps you need to take to fulfil them. Sounds like common sense but amazingly not everyone does it. Even if goals are captured until you break them down into daily, weekly or monthly tasks, they remain goals. It’s the steps that get you there.
  1. Monitor your progress. Check in on how you are doing, Are you still on target? Do you need to adjust anything? Are there better ways of getting things done? If you don’t stop to ask the questions you might miss out on opportunities that could help you get to where you are going.
  1. My favourite thing to be; Realistically Optimistic. I love the buzz of what I do, I get excited at new ventures and the endless possibilities BUT I have learnt to reign myself in because the road to success is not only uphill, more often than not it has downturns. Whilst my optimism helps drive me forward and upwards, the ability to be realistic keeps me grounded and prepared for the challenges; because they will appear. So keep this in mind as you journey to success!
  2. Focus on what you want. We have a tendency to focus on what we don’t want; have you noticed that? When I speak to my clients they can often articulate what they don’t want very clearly but struggle with stating what they want. This is an important thing to be able to do. Focusing on what you want will open your eyes to opportunities that are aligned with where you want to go. Like a magnet you will attract the ‘right stuff’. Focus on what you don’t want… and you’ll do exactly the same thing but you won’t want it!
  1. Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are your best source of learning! I have learnt more about life, myself and others through my mistakes than I ever have from doing things right. The most important thing to do when you make a mistake is to forgive yourself and then evaluate what happened, why and how to avoid it happening again. Beating yourself up does little for your confidence or well-being much less your motivation to keep going. Be kinder to you and search for the golden nugget (the lesson) in the mistake.
  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being comfortable all the time should set alarm bells ringing. Comfortable equals safe and no successful person in business has played it safe all day, every day (if you know someone who has please tell me!) Being in business requires you to get outside of your comfort zone. This helps develop your skills, knowledge, strength and resilience. And the more you get use to being uncomfortable the more you will want it (and the more you will grow).
  1. Belief. Believe in you, in your capabilities and your goals. Believe you deserve the success you desire with all your heart. Believe in your purpose and the kindness of those around you. Believe that the universe is rooting for you not fighting against you. When you believe so much seems possible…

They are my top 10 tips to support you on the road to success… what would you add or change? I’d love to know!

Live Blissfully


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