Is Change So Hard?

Is Change So Hard?making sense of change

As you look at your life how does it make you feel; overjoyed, content, happy? Or are the glimmers of dissatisfaction, sadness, being unfulfilled?

If you fall into the latter then perhaps it is time for change. And is change so hard? It can feel that way when you are resisting it but if you embrace it and see it as hope, as an opportunity, it can open you up to a whole other world.

How can you start the change process?

With a thought! Yes, if you change the way you think about things you will start to change the things you believe in. We get very caught up in beliefs but they are what we have been told, shown or come to accept as the truth based on others or our own experiences, reinforced by continuously thinking that way. They can be changed. One of my favourite life lessons was being encouraged to stop believing everything I had been told or thought to be true, to question it inside out and to start to rebuild beliefs from scratch. It was an empowering exercise that freed me from a lot of limiting beliefs I had about myself and others.

As your beliefs change so does your attitude. When you begin to believe you deserve more, you are more, you can do more and be more, your attitude will be tuned into higher vibrations.

Your attitude will show in your behaviours. What you do will reflect your beliefs & attitude. As you begin to take more positive actions, you will notice how the outcomes in your life change too. It is these outcomes that change the shape of your outward life. The more positive outcomes you experience, the more happiness, fulfilment and joy you will feel, from the inside out. And these emotions will impact your thoughts… and so the cycle goes on…

Notice your thoughts

If all of this goodness can come from changing your thoughts the first thing you will be required to do is notice them. What goes on in your mind? How often are you thinking about positive aspects or negative aspects of life, people, self? Start to journal your thoughts so that you can see what is ‘on your mind’ and then begin your journey of change.

Change needn’t be so hard. If you desire it enough you will find a way. And whilst you are responsible for the changes in your life you don’t have to do it alone. Build a support network around you, others who want to maximise their lives; loved ones and supportive friends.

Change can be a beautiful thing…

“Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what’s scarier? Regret…”

Live Blissfully


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