No More Excuses… But Here Are 3!

It’s February – what have you achieved so far? shield-417828_1280

It’s time to check if the year has started the way you planned. Have you done the things you promised yourself to do? If yes, fantastic! If no, what is getting in the way?

Here’s the thing…

“If you keep on looking for excuses not to do the very things you want and need to, you’ll keep on finding them” – it’s that simple. 

Let’s just review 3 of the top excuses that hold us back…

1. “I don’t have the time to set goals or follow through on them”

Really?! If it’s true you’re probably not clear on what you truly want in your life therefore, goal setting appears to be a waste of time and if it’s not true you are probably using the excuse out of fear. Either way ‘not having time’ is a get out clause. Carving out time to discover what makes you tick and what you want to have more of in your life is essential to living the life of your dreams…

We all have the same number of hours in each day, and we all have the potential to use them to do what we want to do.

2. “I can’t afford to do the things I want to”

Money; I feel sorry for it because it gets such a bad rap and has been used by so many people to get out of doing stuff! Are there times when money is or seems to be in short supply? Sure. But the question is what do you do about it? Do you blame the bills (that you have generated), the low paid job (settling for less than you’re worth), the expense of running a car (that you chose), your partner or your kids? It’s not about blame. It is about focus. What are you focusing on? If you want more money, focus on ways to earn more. I really feel for everyone stuck in this excuse because I spent a lot of time here. The truth is we need to change the statement of ‘I can’t afford it’ to a quality question… “What can I do to afford it?” What can I sell/car boot sale? What other jobs can I do to earn a bit extra? How can I add value?

We need to know that our dreams are worth the effort, and that we’re willing to be creative with the resources we have

3. I don’t have the knowledge…

Oh my goodness, the underselling of ‘self’ I witness on a regular basis brings tears to my eyes. If only you knew your true potential, you would be blown away. Here’s the thing with knowledge; what you don’t know, you can learn. What you do know you can apply. It’s not rocket science and every day of your life you are gaining knowledge in some area of your life, positively or negatively; love, giving, pain, career, friendship, relationships, family, patience, happiness, sadness, socially, spiritually… & so the list goes on.

We don’t need to know everything to start. We just need to know we want to start and get on with it! 

So if you have not already started to make steps towards what you want this year, examine your excuses, annihilate them by seeing them for what they are and start moving towards what you truly desire… it will be so worth it!

Live Blissfully


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