10 Weeks And Counting!

The Virgin London Marathon; it’s official, I’m in it with just 10 Im Going Toweeks and counting… Am I insane?! I have had to question my sanity several times on this topic but isn’t that what we do whenever we step outside of our comfort zone?

So, what am I doing to keep motivated and not overwhelmed?

  1. Sticking to the training plan kindly provided by Virgin LM. I am following it in the belief that if I stick to it, I’ll be able to complete the marathon.
  2. Every time I go for a run I imagine race day. I find a comfortable pace, listen to my music and enjoy the moment, seeing the finishing line and crossing it still smiling.
  3. I keep on reminding myself of all the other sporting challenges I have taken up from my first 5k run to the Nike half marathon, from the 10 mile Rough & Tumble to the fitness figure stage I once performed on. Each of these reinforcing what is possible.
  4. Checking out my sporting role models, thinking how they prepare mentally, how easy they make their sports look; that determination, desire and talent. And I soak up what it must be like to be that great…

Interestingly, and I guess a reflection of the wonderfully supportive people I have around me, the only question I have been asked is what time I want to finish in. No one has asked me if I think I can or can’t do it, in fact, those friends I have spoken to seem incredibly confident I can… and will – gotta love those folk 🙂

All I want to do is finish! And in doing so I will have achieved a goal I set myself quite a few years ago specifically for this year (a big birthday year).

Of course, the other bonus is that I will have raised money for Get Kids Going, an amazing charity supporting talented disabled youngsters who have the potential to take part in events all over the world including the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics but who receive either none or very little funding. And yes, I would love your support via my sponsor page (thank you!)

Am I excited? YES! Experiencing mental discomfort? OH YES! But willing to give 100% anyway? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

Whether I believe I can or I can’t… I’m right!

Live Healthily


P.S – Any marathon runners who can provide me with tips (especially on getting my nutrition right), I’d be most grateful…

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