One Step At A Time

No doubt you’ll have heard the phrase, ‘she/he is an overnight Footprintssuccess’. And yet when you read the back story to every one of these supposed overnight successes, regardless of age, what you find is they spent years cultivating their way into the limelight. They climbed the mountain one step at a time to get to where they had set their sights. And you can do the same!

We all get fed up with what often seems like a slow pace to our prize. In fact many fall by the wayside because of the challenges en route. Yet each and every one of those challenges has a purpose, a lesson, a story to share with others.

When you remember the one step at a time philosophy you’ll begin to enjoy and appreciate the journey (the highs and lows) to your destination.

Remember to:

  1. Focus on each step one day at a time. Most people do not make great big leaps in their business, career or well-being. When they have finally worked out what it is that they want they tend to identify the first action they need to take to move them from A to B. Sometimes that first step can be the most challenging and the most rewarding, providing the motivation to keep moving forward.
  2. Identify the resources you already have to hand; your strengths, skills, knowledge and passion. No doubt you will need help from other sources but check in with you first. It is so easy to forget how powerful you are, how resilient you are and yet you were crafted to be amazing. Sometimes it is just about taking some time to acknowledge just how much is possible for you.
  3. On the other side of the coin, don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. It is one of those things most of us avoid yet when we ask for help it empowers someone else to share their gift, their talent and serve another. And just as we ask for help, we also open ourselves up to helping others.
  4. Remain aware of things happening around you to ensure you see the opportunities open to you. It is easy to miss opportunities when you get stressed, fed up and negative. So keep a channel of positive thinking open for access, a time in the day when you focus on what is good in your life and be happy in the now (even when things are tough!)
  5. Keep a journal of your journey; it will serve to help others following behind you, a footprint of do’s and don’ts that help them one step at a time.

And may you enjoy your success as much as you enjoy your journey…

Live Blissfully,

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