It's Your Body, But Did You Know…

We have this amazing machine called the body that we use day in and day out (for better anatomy-254120_1280or for worse!) How is it then, that a lot of us do not know the workings of it or what it is truly capable of?

I am constantly learning about my physical & mental capabilities, it fascinates me and here are a few ‘did you know’ facts I picked up from The Health Sciences Academy that I’d like to share (although you might already know them!):

  • By standing up 3 hours a day you would burn an extra 30,000 calories per year
  • 30 minutes of bright morning light reduces your weight gain risk by up to 20%
  • Interrupting prolonged sitting with brief 2-minute breaks decreases cancer risk
  • You may eat 549 calories extra if you miss only 80 minutes of sleep
  • Your muscles are 70% water and even your bones are a watery 31%
  • Your moving muscles pump fresh oxygen in the brain and trigger feel-good chemicals
  • Drinking 2 litres of water per day can raise your energy expenditure by 400 calories
  • Eating 7 portions of fruit & vegetables per day reduces your mortality risk by 42%
  • Immersing yourself in deep reading 6 minutes per day can reduce stress by 68%

And this list isn’t even scratching the surface! It provides a little insight into what makes us so amazing; something we often forget (or take for granted).

It’s your body, but did you know it was this amazing? Share a fact below…

To Your Health & Wellbeing,


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