It's In The Bag!

It’s in the bag! 3 months and 5 days before my 5Certificate0th I have completed my first (& to be honest, probably my last) marathon – Yay!

Sunday 26th April 2015, a wet and cold morning in London; perfect for the challenge ahead; Virgin Money London Marathon – 35th Anniversary.

Along with 38k+ other goal setters, I had one vision in mind – simply to cross the finishing line.

The crowd were amazing, cheering energy into depleted muscles; it’s in those moments you realise the true power of people, the energy they give off.

23 miles, quadriceps in lock down, I had to get the mind to take over. Power walking to release some of the muscle tension followed by light running seemed to do the trick.Anything is possible

Finally, I turned the corner into the mall, finishing line in view, and realised the hard work was over; awesome feeling.

And now I have a greater sense of the amazing fitness level elite athletes have to run marathons in less than 2.5 hours – respect!

As for me, one week off before I hit the running trail again.

Next fitness challenge… Insanity! It’ll be in the bag too!

Keep Giving, Keep Receiving!



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