6 Steps To Success

6 Steps to:A Successful Person



Double C


Double S

That’s the way we spell SUCCESS! Oh, the joy of school rhymes or was it cheerleading (?!) Moving on…

Fortunately, success doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone; it’s not always about financial gain either. Success can be creating a business you love, taking a holiday every year or simply having quality time with the people that matter to you, when you want to have it. Truth is, however you define success there are 6 steps I have seen being taken time and time again by people who get the success they desire.

  1. They know what they want: There is somewhere they want to get to, a vision of what their ideal day, week, month or life looks like. They have taken the time to ask themselves what is important in their lives. Knowing where you want to get to is like being half way there!
  1. The ability to keep going: They make it their business to keep their eye on the prize in regardless of any failures and challenges; they know that they are part of the journey.
  1. They write goals down & focus on achieving goals: Successful people don’t leave goals floating around in their heads until they become distorted or forgotten, they take ownership by writing them out and referring to them regularly.
  1. They take responsibility: They spend less time externalising blame (people or events) and more time reflecting internally, taking ownership and displaying high levels of self-efficacy.
  1. They find ways to express gratitude: They are thankful in the now for the now. No matter what they are aiming for they know the importance of acknowledging all they have in their life already; from waking up each morning to being able to work, very little is taken for granted.
  1. They are lifelong learners: They learn from their failures and their successes in equal measure. They take time for their personal and professional development and invest in their learning; they know it matters.

So whatever success you want, go for it! And keep these 6 steps to success in mind.

Live Blissfully


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