Opportunities Are Everywhere

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have an endless Opportunitiesstream of opportunities? It’s as if opportunities are everywhere they look and yet you are not benefiting from the same experience?

I believe in the law of attraction, our ability to change our vibration (positively) and attract more of what we focus on to us. Of course, it’s not quite as straightforward as just closing your eyes and wishing. You have to ensure your thoughts are ‘clean’, that is they are free of negative language, doubt and limiting beliefs.

For the past 11 years working for myself has proven to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. But here’s the thing, the more challenges I had and willingly faced the more rewards I received; as if they were synchronized. The more I noticed this pattern the more I was able to ask for things in faith; uncertain of how they would come into fruition yet always believing in the possibility even if the face of difficult situations. And inevitably the things would occur or turn up (people, resources, money, work) even if not exactly as I imagined.

Now I’m no magician and I missed out on the magic wands when they were being distributed! For me it has been/is the power of thought and belief (faith). And the more I think well and open myself up to the possibilities without stressing about the outcome or the timing, the more things seem to go my way. This week, for example, multiple work opportunities landed in my inbox from known and unknown sources, all legitimate and a desire I verbally & thoughtfully ‘put out there’ months ago.

Opportunities are everywhere and if you want to attract them these are my 3 tips for doing so:

1. Ask and you shall receive: get clear on what it is you want. Asking for a ‘better job’ isn’t very specific but asking for a job that is flexible, that gives you more time with your family, that is closer to home and allows you to develop new skills you desire (be specific) or utilize the skills you currently have helps you create a mental image and the power of having a vision is second to none.

2. Believe: Remain open to the way things find themselves to you. For example if you want to generate more money don’t say I want my job to provide me with an extra £1000, instead ask for the £1000 to arrive in whichever way the universe sees fit. Knowing what you want is your job, the how and when come from your ability to want and let go, to have a strong vision but not an attachment.

3. Be thankful: Look at your life right now, where it is and find all the things in it you are grateful for. This can often be a barrier if you spend most of your time focusing on what you don’t have; so change the focus. If you wake up tomorrow, be thankful. If you can access hot water, be thankful. If you have someone to talk to, be thankful; all of the things we often take for granted can be snatched away in a second therefore the art of being thankful for all things in our lives reminds us of what we have.

Get your mindset right, get clear on what you desire and allow the opportunities to flow to you; opportunities are everywhere.

Live Blissfully,

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