Festive Fitness!

I was going to sign off 2015 by writing up my favourite health tips and then I dog-1926763_1280
remembered a similar post from 2013 and decided to rerun it (‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’ moment) along with some links to other related posts. So here goes…

Christmas can be a potential minefield with alcohol flowing, food aplenty accompanied by long dark nights. It is so easy to forget about your fitness during the festive season but there are a few things you can do to save yourself from the New Year’s health laden resolutions…

Work That Body!

I must be crazy recommending this but just because it’s the holiday it doesn’t mean your body should have to suffer… too much! So whether it’s a power walk, a jog, a visit to the gym or an exercise DVD, fit in 2-3 sessions per week. It’ll feel a lot less painful than waiting for January and having a trainer work you to the bone!

Love Thy Self

Think December and not only can you imagine the festivities it’s also cold and flu symptom time. No one wants to be a killjoy however it is wise to ensure that you have a ‘pre-flu plan’. Make sure you get your essential vitamins in place, in particular vitamin C and D. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

Food Glorious Food!

Enjoy the wonderfulness of Christmas dinner, have the pudding you love BUT… start your day the healthy way. Having a nutritious breakfast will not only prevent some of the over-eating later on in the day it will ensure you get some quality vitamins and minerals in your body. Simples!

Themed Gifts!

If you know that you want to be fit and healthy over the holiday but are also aware that you will be tempted to laze around with the rest of your loved ones, get your
loved ones to follow you instead! Theme those Christmas presents to make them fitness related (hint, hint!) Skipping rope, trainers, football for the kids, Wii Fit if you love being indoors… there is something for everyone!

Cheer Up!

If you are unfortunate enough to be affected by SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – it is important to make the most of the daytime light by going for walks and eat food that positively affects your moods (dark chocolate, nuts, omega-3 fish).

Rest Up

Have fun but get some sleep! There is nothing great about facing the New Year with a sleep deficit that’s going to take a few weeks (or months) to put right. So whenever you get the chance to put your feet up (between drinks and rounds of turkey) take the opportunity to rest your eyes too.

And there you have it, your Christmas fitness plan in place. Enjoy!!

Happy Christmas & I wish you the very best for 2016… Create the life you love & deserve!

Live Blissfully!



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