Detox Your Life

15 days after the Christmas & New Year celebrations I was still experiencing side effects of the overindulgent eating and drinking (and yes, I take full responsibility).Detox-your-life

In fact up until 15th of Jan I was feeling sluggish, bloated and every little run outdoors felt much harder than it should have.

So this week I got on with implementing some simple changes to get back on track. No big over-promises to self, just small daily adjustments that have afforded my energy levels to rise and my bloated discomfort to subside… sweet joy!

And it’s all been about detoxing my life. If you’re going to praise healthy living best get to living it. And here’s what I’ve been doing…

  1. Drinking More Watersame old story, same old song but it works! As much as the late night bathroom visits drive me insane I feel good; my skin is happier and it has definitely helped with the clean up from the inside out!
  2. Eating Regular Mealsregulate your meal times and get some quality food on your plate. I’m back on my banana & honey milkshakes for breakfast, eating little and often through the day (avocado, variety of fish, tomatoes and other tasty stuff) whilst keeping caffeine and alcohol intake at an all time low (my hand might be missing the glass but my body is thanking me for it!)
  3. Getting ActiveGet up offa that thing – Mr J Brown knew what he was talking about when he sang that. Dance, run, skip walk, it really doesn’t matter but get moving. As hard as those first few runs of the year were I can finally breathe normally on them again… Yay!
  4. Practising MindfulnessFree your mind and observe your thoughts without judgement, worry or fear. 5-10 minutes per day is a good start (well, any start is going to be beneficial). It reminds me how useless worrying is and I definitely feel calmer and more in control…. interesting practice.
  5. Expressing GratitudeJust be thankful for what you’ve got. At any moment of the day acknowledge and express thanks for something… anything; family, friends, waking up, a warm bed, food on the table, work. It’s a healthy reminder of all that I already have.

5 days on and I am feeling pretty good, ready to head back to the gym at the weekend and up my fitness game.

I encourage everyone to detox their life in whatever way adds joy, energy and happiness.

Happy New Year and may health be your new best friend!

One Life, Live It Well


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