Obesity: Ignorance Is Not Bliss; It Is Ignorance

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Ignoring obesity won’t make it go away. It’s here, it’s real and it needs attention from all of us.

And contrary to popular belief, obesity hasn’t manifested purely out of people overeating. The environment in which we live has played an important role. Changing work schedules and the 24-hour availability of food has certainly impacted the choices we make. Add to that the decisions made by the food industry in terms of food ingredients and reducing food quality, and you begin to understand why this issue has grown out of control.

Get reading, be informed and make sure you are making the right food choices for you, your children and anyone else you can help. If we don’t take this seriously and do what we can, who will?

9 Ways Processed Foods Are Harming People

Corporate America; Killing Us Slowly

6 Lies The Food Industry Is Feeding You

And for quality up to date information on all things health, visit The Health Sciences Academy and sign up to their super informative newsletter!

Your Health Is Your Wealth,

Live Blissfully,


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