Fitness Streaming Online – Yes Or No?

Knowing I’d be spending the best part of May travelling I had to reconsider my fitness weights-817635_1280plan. Determined not to get out of my routine I spent time pre-trip carrying out online searches for ‘on the go’ fitness programmes. Imagine my surprise to see such a growing choice!

What I love most about these online platforms is the ability to diversify my fitness routine – true cross training. I initially spent time doing the famous Insanity programme on the Beachbody platform (truly insane!!) then mixed it up with some running and gym cardio/toning work.

I didn’t get as much time to workout as I would have liked on my trip but the hard work pre-travel really paid off and the rest time played its part too. Since getting home I have noticed an increase in my energy levels, greater strength in my leg muscles (all that plyometrics me thinks!) and a zest for more creative workouts.

A quick review then of the sites I have found useful and trialled:

Beachbody: This comes with a 30-day free trial – plenty of time to have a good search around and test out their library of over 100 workout programmes with some top names in fitness. This is where I trialled Insanity and I have to say it has definitely been beneficial. At £38.87 per quarter, it’s good value, way cheaper than the gym but also a nice mix with the gym. (Cancel anytime policy). You can also access some information on becoming an instructor for some of the programmes but this isn’t overly obvious/easy to find. That said there are additional bonuses such as fitness guides, nutrition plans and progress trackers.

Les Mills: This comes with a 10-day trial – not quite enough time to dig into all the different workouts but definitely worth doing. I have been testing out the Grit high-intensity workout and Sh’Bam dance workouts (good fun) but there are many others and they have a schedule mapped out that you can follow, particularly useful if you are starting out. There is something for everyone here including kids so the whole family can enjoy this and at $9.99 per month, it’s great value. (Cancel anytime policy). Plus, if you are considering a career in fitness, Les Mills has instructor courses that are very well promoted and clear in terms of what you need to do.

Daily Burn: This comes with a 30-day trial – again, plenty of time to have a good look around and see if it is right for you. What I like about this platform is the mix of training session times, from 30 minutes upwards. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get to the gym (travel time) and once you’re there you almost feel obligated to spend at least an hour to justify going in the first place! Yet 30 minutes per day is sufficient to see change and have a good intense workout. I am currently trialling the Black Fire workout (simple routines but you go really hard) and I have to say it’s pretty insane too. For $12.95 per month and you can stream it or attend live. (Cancel anytime policy). They seem to have new workouts every single day so little chance of getting bored.

There are good reasons and benefits to sign up for any one or all three of these platforms. In fact, if you work out the monthly cost of accessing all 3 it is as cheap as the cheapest gym memberships you are likely to find with the added bonus of being able to do the workouts from home with no or very little equipment… providing you are motivated enough to do the work on your own of course! They get a thumbs up ‘YES’ from me.

Hope you get time to test drive them and feedback plus if you have any other online fitness platforms you would recommend please do share them in the comments section – sharing is caring!

One life, live it well!


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