And The Fitness Guru of 2016 Is…

Pokémon!! Can you believe it? pokemon-1543354_1280

Not only is Pokémon smashing app sales it is also getting people off their couches, away from the TV screen and onto the streets.

And it would appear Pokémon has been transformational for some. Take Sam Clark for instance, he claims to have lost more than 12 kilos. Hitting the streets to catch the 142 Pokémon creatures got Sam walking some 141 miles over 20 days. That’s some going; apparently the equivalent of 5 marathons!

Now, that might just be one guy’s lucky story but other stories are popping up. And let’s look at the facts about this amazing fitness guru’s ability to mobilise a crowd:

On the first day of the apps release 3 million active users were recorded in U.S and on July 12th 21 million daily active users were recorded; I’m pretty certain no other fitness company has matched that J

And on a global scale, by July 15, approximately 1.3 million people were playing the game in the Netherlands even though the app had not been officially released in the country! On Japan’s release date more than 10 million people downloaded the game (including 1.3 million in the first three hours) and by 26th July, the intelligence system estimated the game had been downloaded 75 million times worldwide. Nice numbers!

Pokémon is being seen as a fun interactive ‘active’ game and it is making its way into people’s fitness regime. I must confess, it is not for me but if it helps people get moving then I tip my hat to it. And, of course, if Pokémon is your thing you can travel and explore the world, much less your country, catching Pokémon; it is an international sport (hopefully not a 2020 Olympics event though!)

But beware ye ‘non-Pokémon players’. There is a real chance you might get trampled by the crowd. I have already had a near miss with a Pokémon hunting cyclist who, in his haste, nearly rode over me on the pavement. He did stop to apologise… very briefly! And that’s even with this warning from Pokémon:

For safety’s sake, never play Pokémon GO when you’re on your bike, driving a car, riding a hoverboard, or anything else where you should be paying attention, and of course, never wander away from your parents or your group to catch a Pokémon.

Not sure if that will be warning enough but whatever happens 2016 Fitness Guru of the year has to go to Pokémon… Unless of course, you can beat those stats!

Go Pokémon Go!


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