It’s Time For Change…

If you want a different outcome, do something different… drowning-in-life

I had my ultimate wake up call back in 2004 when I was made redundant on the first day back to work following the Christmas break. It was, at first, the worst thing that could have happened but in time I came to realise it was the best.

How could that be? Well, it forced me into a situation of sink or swim; sink with the weight of emotions that flooded me backed up with thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I didn’t work hard enough’, ‘It’s payback for all the times I made bad choices’ OR put on my Bridget Jones pants and swim like a woman on a mission.

Fortunately, I chose to swim even though mentally and emotionally sinking felt more comfortable, safer. And there lied the problem; that need to feel comfortable because for too long I had allowed myself to operate from a place of complacency; settling for a comfortable job, working hard enough but not expanding, and not planning next steps. Now there are a plethora of worse behaviours I could have adopted but the point is, as humans with unlimited potential ‘being comfortable, having it easy and being complacent’ don’t encourage growth nor do they last forever. And that’s what I woke up to…

And so my book launch this week serves as a reminder to self to never settle or get so comfortable I stop growing because had I stayed in that place and allowed my emotions to drown me, I may never have discovered the work I love & look forward to daily, or bothered to pursue my desire to write, and it’s likely I wouldn’t have developed my creative skills.Book Launch

On Thursday 23rd February I’d love you to support the book launch campaign by grabbing a copy via Amazon through this link on 23rd Feb – and I promise it won’t break the bank 😃 You might even find a nugget or two inside.

You’ll be able to download it for £0.99! Thanking you in advance.

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