Assumption, Perception, Truth

Assumption: a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.perception

Perception: the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

Truth: a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

So, it’s the end of week one since the book launch and I am still feeling very incredibly thankful for the support shown; amazing family, friends and connections who got beside me on the day (thank you). And I’m also feeling fired up because it’s my first published book and it has brought about some other fabulous opportunities; thank you God, thank you Universe…

But why write the book in the first place? Well, in my work I hear a lot of stories; stories often filled with reasons why things are not possible, why things can’t be done and so the purpose of the book was (and is) to wake people up. Many of us, too many in fact, are guilty of walking around with our eyes ‘wide shut’, not doing the things we want to because we don’t believe in ourselves, or in our dreams or are so caught up in the rat race, we barely give our desires a look in, much less take action. On the back of that, we let life lead us around as if we have little ability to make changes. But we do have the ability and we can make changes; every day.

As I imagined, the title of the book created diverse reactions, after all, it’s not a fluffy one but it was never meant to be and I make no apologies for it. What I find interesting is how one person feels drawn to it and receives it as a wake-up call, another as a call to reflect on their life, another as a revelation having been caught in a cycle of negative thinking for so long they didn’t even recognise it and another as a flat-out personal attack.  Perception is a powerful thing and depending on how we are currently experiencing life, how our mind is ‘set’ the message changes to fit with our current reality.

Going back to the book title, ‘Suck It Up Or Change… If You Want A Better Life You Create It‘, if taken literally, can be interpreted as harsh, rude, offensive even and assumptions are likely to follow. For example, “what right do you have to tell someone with depression to ‘Suck It Up?” Well, that’s not an approach I would condone; it’s a book title, not a coaching approach. However, the truth is I would, 100%, encourage that someone to seek the help they need to make the necessary life changes that enable them to better manage the depression because it’s spiralling them away from their full potential: and I believe everyone has unlimited potential even if they don’t see or feel it in themselves.

Bottom line, if we continue to tell ourselves and others that nothing can help us out of whatever dark and scary place we are stuck in, or that there is no point in making a change, then we won’t take responsibility to do anything about it and that just means nothing will change… So how can we then complain about the unfairness of life?

What are your thoughts?

Live Blissfully,



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