Letting Go In Faith

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Sometimes we have to let go… We have to surrender to a higher power because a situation is outside of our control and to try to control it we do more harm than good, especially within ourselves.

In faith, you can lay to rest your fears, your insecurities and your doubts; it will not judge you and it will not blame you.

Faith will offer you peace of mind and the freedom to live in each moment with certainty, even when the situation is full of uncertainty.

Faith will protect you with love and kindness, it will encourage you in your brave pursuits, your boldness.

Faith will help you to forgive, it will heal you from the inside out, one day at a time, for all time.

Faith will warm your heart and connect you with your fellow human beings. It will be the force behind the creation of a community, where everyone understands, accepts and embraces diversity.

Faith will connect you to trust, helping you to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. And even if the relationship folds, in faith you will know it served a purpose even though the purpose might not be immediately apparent.

Take time to reflect and meditate each day on what faith means to you and how you express faith in your life.

  • Do you have faith in you?
  • Do you have faith in your capabilities?
  • Do you have faith in those around you?
  • Do you encourage and inspire others as they journey through their lives?
  • Do you trust things will work out even when the situation looks dire?
  • Do you hand your concerns over at the end of a weary day?
  • Do you express gratitude each day because you realise there is always something to be thankful for?

Let the light of faith flood into you and welcome it. In doing so you will experience a relief, a lightness within like no other…


Life faithfully, live blissfully,



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