Get Motivated & Unlock Your Potential

Ever heard the phrase unlimited potential? It’s amazing what you can achieve when inspiration-1514296_1280you get motivated and unlock your potential but motivation isn’t something you can buy in the store!

Here are 5 steps you can action to improve your motivation:

  1. Find time to do the things you really enjoy doing.Have you noticed that when you make time to do what you love – dancing, singing, going out with friends, chilling with a book – that life feels great? Getting the balance of work and play right for you is essential and if you can find work that you love even better!
  2. Depending on how your day starts there are two very different ways to get motivated. The first is to get some quick win tasks under your belt so you can tick them off the list and see some accomplishments OR rugby tackle the most challenging task on your list first, you know, that thing you keep putting off. Because once it’s done the rest of the tasks feel like a breeze and the day just keeps getting better!
  3. 90 minutes of work followed by 10-15 minutes for a break. Generally, people work best in short bursts of activity. It is easier to stay focused and having those regular breaks keep you feeling fresh. This can be particularly true when you have a long arduous task to complete. Stats show that as a rule of thumb our focus wanes after 90 minutes so using this method throughout the day could be the perfect answer for you!
  4. Picture the big picture!When you set yourself targets or goals have a clear mental (or physical) picture of what the end result will look like, how you will feel and the impact it will have. This will help you get through the smaller sometimes mundane steps towards the goal.
  5. Reward Yourself– Rewards do not have to be big or complicated, in fact it might be a full lunch break for doing the morning tasks (if you don’t usually bother or cut it short). Motivating by return is what I like to call it and no matter how big or small the reward, it confirms that you have achieved something you set out to do!

To summarise, here are the 5 key points:

  • Find time to do the things you enjoy doing
  • Get some quick win tasks done or tackle the most challenging task – either way it will make you feel like you’ve achieved something worthwhile
  • 90-minute work, 15-minute break – keeps you refreshed and focused
  • Picture the end goal of what you are working towards
  • Reward yourself for a job well done!

Live Blissfully!


Video Recap: Realise your potential in 5 steps

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