7 Songs To Celebrate Faith From The Heart

There are no guarantees in life and I understand we all have our own perception of faith. For me, I love nothing more than to kick back and revel in my faith, to celebrate my Picture1willingness to let go and trust that God will ensure the best for me, my family, friends and network.

And the wonderful thing about celebrating in faith is the jubilant sound, the joyful commitment to live in and through a higher power. I’m also a lover of music and was recently introduced to a couple of songs that resonate with the gratitude and love I feel in my heart and felt compelled to write this short but meaningful post.

Whatever your faith, believe that you are deserving of the best that life can give you, that you are made for success. Believe that you have a role to play in this journey we call life. Reflect on what that role means to you and those that will be affected by you… How will you help and serve others? What is it you know, have experienced and can do that will impact someone else, changing them, their life, their perspective?

And as you do so, celebrate the possibilities of life even if they are not clear to you. Acknowledge the opportunities in life even if they are not visible to you. Faith demands it.

In faith all things are possible and through faith, all your dreams can come true. So kick back and enjoy my top 7 faith songs. Don’t judge, just enjoy…

My Top 7 Faith Songs:

  1. Have You Prayed Today
  2. Everyday
  3. Imagine Me
  4. Heart of Faith
  5. Shackles
  6. Joyful Joyful
  7. I Smile

And in my faith, I wish for you the best of all that life has to offer. May you flourish in your potential and realise how amazing you are…

Live Blissfully







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