The 3 C’s


C + C + C = Life Changing7138608_f260

I was recently asked by a business associate why I was always happy. ‘Always happy’ I thought to myself? Clearly, someone who hasn’t seen me frequently!

Joking aside though, I am happy; happy in my work, in my life and in me. This happiness has not materialised from a life full of ‘perfect’ happenings; far from it. I am happy by CHOICE.

Each of us has a choice of how we want to be, how we want to greet a new day, how we want to show up in the world. There is no magic to it in my mind. I have had days of choosing to feel sad, miserable, angry or afraid because of something someone has said, or some event that occurred; none of them has matched up to the choice of being happy.

I have come to realise that even in my most problematic and challenging times I can still choose to be happy without sticking my head in the sand and pretending things are fine. In fact choosing to be happy helps me manage those difficult situations from a much healthier state of mind.

I decided to take the CHANCE on happiness because I could see the benefits of it; not only to my wellbeing but also in the interactions I had with people. A chance smile, a healthy belly laugh; it’s amazing how these can influence others!

These facts on happiness support the chance I took:

  • About 40% of happiness is in your hands; what you choose to do with your life. Lasting happiness has more to do with how you behave and think which you ultimately control more than many of life’s circumstances
  • Only 10 percent of your happiness comes from external circumstances
  • The happier you are, the more antibodies your body generates (a piece of protein made by your body for a particular use – to get rid of bad stuff) – up to 50 percent more
  • Happiness has a fragrance; clinical experiments on body odour have proved your scent changes between when you are stressed and when you are happy

And taking the chance on happiness CHANGED my life. Not only did I feel good, I felt more able to deal with life’s stresses. Yes, they still come but I am mentally and physically better positioned to deal with them.

Happiness impacted the way I felt when I got up in the morning – thankful for the new day ahead and what it held for me – and how I felt when I went to bed at night – thankful for the day’s lessons, good and tough ones! It changed the way I viewed life, people and the world around me thus positively impacting my thoughts and behaviours. In fact, happiness now feels more like a habit than a choice …

So the message I want to share with you is a simple one:

Make a CHOICE, to take the CHANCE if you want anything in life to CHANGE

What will your choice be?

Live Blissfully!



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