Re-invent Yourself In Times of Crisis


Re-invent Yourself

If you are one of today’s unemployed, you may still be wondering why it has taken this business-1847880_1280long for you to get another job. You may already be experiencing anxiety every time you check your email for responses from the companies you sent your resumes to. But have you ever paused to think that maybe this is your chance to redesign your career path? Perhaps something good can come out of this period in your life.

When things do not seem to be going as planned, you need alternative plans to buffer the delay in achieving your goals. This may be the right time to evaluate your career goals, redefine your potentials, and reinvent yourself.

What Does Reinventing Mean?

Invention comes from the Latin word, “inventus” which means to find or to encounter. Reinvention, therefore, means to find something again, which means recognising something that is already there and looking at it in a different light. It means focusing on your skills, talents, and abilities and diverting them to more profitable endeavours. It also means seeing yourself as a revitalised, energised person who is more perceptive of your strengths, rather than your weaknesses.

Have you even paused to think whether this time in your life is the right time to change careers? Have you been delaying moving to the place where you really wanted to live? Perhaps you had delayed pursuing another degree that you think can help you with your career potentials. This is the right time to examine your goals in life and see if you are ready to make the big shift that can impact your future.

Here are some suggestions on how you can jumpstart the process of reinventing yourself in a time of crisis:

  1. Don’t panic.

Panic comes from the fear of the unknown. It paralyses you and can constrict your vision and you will be unable to see beyond the crisis. It is easy to fall into a pattern of anxiety, panic and depression, every time you wonder where your next paycheque is going to come from. Worry is the biggest enemy during a time of crisis – one that blocks your reasoning and makes you think that you are up for the worst, that nothing good will happen soon.

However, when you worry, you are also depleting your energy, which you can, instead, channel into something more worthwhile. Instead of worrying, you can spend this time to analyse what other skills, talents and abilities do you have that can help you overcome the challenges of financial recovery.

  1. Review your resume.

Analyse your past jobs and consider your other skills that got developed during the past years. Perhaps you were into sales. While trying to sell a product, you were not just honing your marketing skills; you also developed your skill to predict market trends and customer preferences. Expand your resume to include all possible traits that your future employer may be looking for. Include the volunteer work that you may have done while unemployed, which can help you develop other skills too.

  1. Consider freelance or volunteer jobs.

Have you always thought about starting your own business? Well, going freelance can be your stepping stone to doing so. Freelancing provides flexible hours and opportunities to work even at home. You can also do some volunteer work to hone your skills. Know where you are good at, and start looking for opportunities to use these skills.

  1. Improve on your talents and skills.

Take some extra courses to upgrade your skills. Look for free lessons online or even from some organisations or community colleges that may be offering free seminars.

  1. Believe in what you can do.

You must remind yourself that before the financial crisis, you were good at what you were doing, and there is no reason why you cannot excel again.

Crisis often brings the best in us. It takes a lot of self-honesty to know where you can improve your situation right now, but this is the first step towards realising your potentials and discovering the new you!

Live Blissfully,


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