Attitude Counts; What’s Yours?


Attitude Counts

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to separate people out, it’s attitude. Attitude has woman-1632682_1280the power to draw people in or repel them. So what attitude counts and what is yours?

Two people go for a job, they are both dressed smartly, their CVs are similar in terms of experience and they are equally qualified. To look at them it is difficult to imagine what is going to make one more suitable for the job than the other.

The first person is called into the room and takes a seat when asked to. The interview begins and the person responds to the questions fully, however, the attitude displayed is one of indifference, a ‘you need me more than I need you’ air.

The second person is called into the room and goes through the same process. However, this person is engaging, displaying the kind of attitude that makes the interviewers sit up and take notice for all the right reasons. They exude positive energy, that sense of ‘can do’ that demonstrates an eagerness to make a difference.

No points for guessing who gets the job! No matter what the industry employers want people who want to be there and demonstrate that (their biggest problem is finding enough of them!) But the point is this, attitude matters. It matters more than experience, more than the long list of exams you’ve passed and more than ‘who you know’. Your attitude is seen and felt by others – so what is yours?

Creating a positive attitude is not about living in falsehood, it is about making a decision to look at things and face things from a place of power. ‘I can’ is power, ‘I believe’ is power. When you believe you can, inevitably you can and that positivity attracts more of the same; people, events, opportunities.

When you master the art of waking up each day and making a positive decision to display your highest attitude life looks and feels different. It doesn’t mean that challenges disappear or that everything becomes perfect but it does mean how you handle everything changes. Your response is the thing that changes the outcomes in your life:

Event + Response = Outcome

Time To Get An Attitude That Empowers You

  • Make the decision to seek out the good in every situation – it is not always obvious but it is there
  • Replenish your energy levels with a good balance of work, rest & play
  • Be around people who lift you and encourage you
  • Feed your mind with information that inspires you
  • Believe ‘you can’ because you can
  • Ask yourself ‘when I think negatively or act badly what does that do for me?’ – the answer will help you to get back to the positive
  • Be aware of your thoughts – thoughts become things and you can change thoughts when you are in a state of awareness
  • Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want
  • Smile with life and at life – a smile is more powerful than we often give it credit for

Victorious Attitude by James Kisner

You cannot win the race,
unless you follow through.
You cannot blame the others,
for it all depends on you.

You cannot win the battle,
if you do not raise your sword.
You cannot claim a victory
if there is no reward.

You cannot shape the future,
if you wait until it’s here.
The future has no purpose if
you live today in fear.

Your future lies within your hand,
to do with what you may.
For tomorrow brings results,
of what you’ve done today.

The choices that you make today,
reflect the life you seek.
But first of all, the seeds are sown,
before the gardener reaps.

The future’s like a lump of clay,
you hold within your hand.
As time goes by, the clay gets hard,
so mould it while you can.

Failure is an attitude,
that haunts the mind of man.
But, results will be successful,
for the one who knows HE CAN!

Live Blissfully!


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