What Do You Deserve?


“No matter how qualified or deserving we are, we will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow ourselves to have it.” thoughtful-2031866_1280

Richard Bach

One of my favourite taglines in my business is ‘helping women create the life they deserve and desire’. I came up with the phrase to express my desire to help women realise they could have the life they deserved if they were willing to get clear on what it is they truly want. But what has proved to be interesting is how little some of these women believe they deserve their dream.

When do you know you are deserving of anything good or great in your life?

I believe you are deserving of a great life when you decide to claim it. Just as the quote above states, qualifying for it or even deserving it through the contributions you have made is not enough. You have to want it and believe that you are deserving of it. Without the belief, without accepting you deserve a great life, how can it manifest itself? And how will you even know when you are experiencing it if you don’t believe you deserve it?

I spent a number of years not feeling deserving of a great life. In fact, every time I made a mistake I felt that I didn’t deserve more than the situation I was in. It was as if I had a need to beat myself up for not being ‘perfect’… whatever that is. And when good things did happen I felt uncomfortable with them and internally refused to welcome them into my life, often fleeing (relationships, jobs, sports even).

Once I threw myself into personal development and started letting go of the past mistakes, living in the now, realising that mistakes were part of my development and making better decisions about my future, I was able to see how deserving I was. I was able to open my arms to wonderful things and enjoy them wholeheartedly.

Deserving is not about living a perfect life, being society’s version of ‘good’ 24/7. I believe you deserve a great life because you have been given the gift of life in the first place. As long as you are striving to be the best version of you then you deserve to live a life that overflows with your hearts desires.

Don’t fight it, welcome in the wonderful opportunities that flow to you. They come to you for a reason… you deserve them.

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Live Blissfully,


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