Stamp Out Negativity From Others


Emotional energy comes in many shapes and sizes, from happiness to sadness, from argument-2022605_1280.pngexcitement to fear and each one is contagious!

Have you noticed how just being in the same room as someone who is constantly ‘down’ can leave you feeling drained? It’s as if they are sapping all of your energy but in fact, it is you soaking up theirs. And the more time you spend in these types of situations the more your defences can become worn down, making it more challenging to recover from them. You need to be aware of what is happening and know when to remove yourself from these scenarios.

Identifying whether the feelings you are experiencing are your own or someone else’s is a first step to doing something about it.

Here are a few tips:

Find out if what you are feeling bears any relation to what is going on with you. For example, if you feel angry, ask yourself what has occurred to bring you to that point. Have you been in an argument? Perhaps you have watched something on TV that has stirred you up? Or maybe you were with or around someone who was expressing their anger and you have taken on that energy. It is that sponge-like response you need to be aware of.

Ideally, you want to move away from any source that is giving off negative energy. That is not always easy if it is someone you know and they are sharing an experience with you. However, you can at the very least, create some space between you and them. It is up to you to check if you are being impacted by negative energy and by stepping away or leaving the room you will either experience some relief (highlighting the effect the other person was having on you) or you will feel the same and if that is the case check in and question your own feelings.

To ease the negative feelings try relaxing. This can be a closed or open-eyed process, ideally in a quiet place and focused on your breathing. This helps to centre you and you can spend a few minutes here refocusing on the positive through visualisation or affirmations.

Seek out positive people and positive experiences. You will notice how your energy levels can change in an instant when there is high energy around.


You are the sum of the people you spend most of your time with and if they are not like you, wanting to achieve more or live a fuller life, be sure they are at least on your side. That means they

  • Encourage you
  • Support you
  • Push you forward instead of hold you back

If they don’t fit into at least one of these categories review the quantity of time you spend with them and ask yourself what it is you do get from the association/relationship. If it is not positive… question it!

Live Blissfully


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