When Your New Year’s Resolutions Hit The Fan


Every year, same old focus; new year’s resolutions. And how quickly do they hit the fan? Too quickly…adventure-1868817_1280

The simple truth is you get a New Day every day to create the life you desire and love, so make them your focus instead!

Think about it, here we are already one-third of the way through 2017 and how many of your new year’s resolutions are still intact. And I don’t mean intact by default of not having started them!

I use to love the whole process of having new year resolutions but most of them fell off the waggon long before the wheels started turning into action so I stopped making them; they were just ‘have to do’ things that didn’t float my boat enough to warrant the energy.

The thing is new year’s resolutions are so old school, a thing you probably started doing at school age and just kept right on committing to until you realised not much was happening.

Now, let me state very clearly that I love embracing change and I love going for my dreams but these are things I can access every single day; I don’t need the year to change to change my life. And neither do you.

Instead of getting hung up on resolutions and then beating yourself up for not sticking with them, focus on these 7 things:

  • Upgrade Your Attitude
  • Spread Your Positive Vibe
  • Take Little Action Steps
  • Get Your Happy Gene in Order
  • Be Persistent in the Things that Matter
  • Give Thanks Daily
  • Have Yourself Some Fun!

Why these 7 things? Well, if you get into the habit of tapping into these things daily your life cannot help but change. Just like a magnet that can attract or repel, you do too. So imagine being more of these things in your life daily and attracting more of it; works for me!

Let’s take a look inside each of these life-altering things and find out why they make a difference.

Upgrade Your Attitude

Definition: a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.

Your attitude is yours to control – that’s the settled way. If you want more in your life upgrade your attitude to one that attracts more of what you want. You want a warm loving mate; be a warm loving soul. You want trustworthy friends; be trustworthy. You want a pay rise; raise the standard of your work wholeheartedly. People with a great attitude get noticed for all the right reasons!

Spread Your Positive Vibe

Definition: the vibrational energy humans give off; something you sense

Everyone has a vibe but it can be positive or negative. Being in the presence of someone with a positive vibe can be a mood changing experience. Use your energy to feel good and allow others to feed off of it. You can raise your energy through exercise, eating well, sleeping sufficiently, meditating or sitting in nature. A positive vibe is positively contagious!

Take Little Action Steps

Definition: a list of steps that must be taken to achieve a goal

So much more rewarding than a resolution! If you really want to create a change in your life, big or small, get clear on what it is you ultimately want to achieve and then break it down into small daily steps. For example, when I wanted to write a book (and I have written a few now) I started my first step with identifying why – what was my reason. Then my next step was to identify who I would be helping (if anyone!) by writing it. Next step was mapping out what I’d want to include in it; just rough titles for each chapter. And so on… I didn’t overwhelm myself, I just took little daily steps until it was done. And every goal you want to achieve becomes a lot more achievable with little action steps.

Get Your Happy Gene in Order

Definition: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Happiness is an interesting one because I fully appreciate not every situation brings happiness. But here’s the thing; very little will bring you happiness. You can choose to be happy; it is an internal feeling and does not have to rely on external situations or other people to be present. Happiness is strengthening so even when you find yourself in challenging or bad situations, choosing happiness can help you be more solution focused.It’s the healthy choice!

Be Persistent in the Things That Matter

Definition: continuing firmly in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

If something really matters to you stick with it. On any journey, you need to have a flexible approach to how you get there but your mind is set on getting there. And so it is with goals and dreams. Just because the direction you were going in has a road block, it doesn’t equate to failing. How else can you get there? What help do you need? What might you be missing and what lessons have you learnt? Too many people give up too soon, often just short of their breakthrough. Be persistent in the things that matter… you are worth it!

Give Thanks Daily

Definition: an instance or means of expressing thanks

Here’s a challenge for you. For the next 30 days find 3 different things every day to be thankful for. It is the attitude of gratitude, acknowledging that regardless of the struggles and challenges you are going through you can still be thankful for what you have right now. I have goals yet to be achieved and they are important to me but I am thankful right now for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the freedom to express myself and for the amazing people in my life. Every day provides an opportunity to give thanks… start giving!

Have Yourself Some Fun!

Definition: enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure

I cannot imagine life without this one. In a time when the news alone can drain all your joy away in 5 seconds flat, it is imperative to find things that lift you, things that put a smile on your face and in your heart. Actually, things that make you laugh out loud! Have a family day in the wood playing hide and seek, go to a fun fair (if you dare), watch your favourite comedy, hang out with the people who always make you laugh so much your sides hurt. Fun is a medicine that you need to get a healthy dose of. There always plenty of time to be serious!

And here endeth the endless practice of New Year’s Resolutions. From here on in get your daily dose of the above 7 things, sprinkle some decision-making on top and add a dash of commitment to see how much your life can change. You’ve got this!

Live Blissfully…


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