Get Your Focus On


In a world where we appear to be encouraged to squeeze in more and more ‘things to binoculars-2194231_1920do’, where we are run by technology, it is too easy to lose focus of the things that are truly important to us. Equally, it can be challenging to stay focused on any one thing for long. Our attention spans are shortening yet we strive to get more done.

Getting your focus on is all about knowing what truly matters to you; that day, that week, that month and putting in the time to make it your reality. If family life is top of your list then focus on maximising the time you spend with your family (and enjoy it without the guilt of thinking you should be doing other things). If creating a new product or service in your business is important to you, book in the time to get it done and commit to doing it; it won’t get done on a hope and wish!

I have become quite brutal with my focus but it has paid off. I now work smartly and productively in a way I struggled to before. When I want to get focused, be it for work or to enjoy family time or even to have a workout, my phone goes to silent mode, my email box is closed or laptop switched off, and social media pop-ups are disabled. I shut out the noise in order to enjoy the moment, to be totally present with the experience in hand. And the result? More done in less time, leaving me happier and more fulfilled.

In the words of Harvey McKay: “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. And once you’ve lost it you can never get it back”.

For me ‘Focus’ today provides me ‘Freedom‘ for the future. What I put in now will create my abundance tomorrow, be that abundance in time, money, health or success (in fact all of these!)

Focus takes practice! And just like so many things practice doesn’t make perfect but it does make new habits. And you can read more about my top tips on getting focused here: How I Got My Focus On.

Get focused now and create your future freedom… Living life the 7 F way, inspiring confidence, unlocking potential…

Live Blissfully

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