Decision Making Changes Your Life


How many times have you wanted to do something and then spent hours talking woman-687560_1920yourself out of it or not getting to a final decision? If only you had felt certain that it was the right thing to do, right?

Decision making can often feel overwhelming and instead of making the decision to take action, you put it off until circumstances or other people make the decision for you.

Fear of making the wrong decision often gets in the way of the things you most wish to achieve. You question your capability of taking the action required, of seeing it through to the end and then worrying what will happen if it goes wrong as well as what other people will say or think.

Truth is, we have to learn to live with our decisions – they may not always be right but they won’t always be wrong either.

Decision making requires you to take responsibility, agree on the action or actions necessary and give an honest review of the outcomes. There is no room for blaming external forces or passing the buck.

If you long for some control in your life decision making is a skill worth developing. If you want to CREATE your life it is a skill you need to develop!

I believe it is the difference between being led and leading. Look at all that has been accomplished in our world and know that it is a result of someone somewhere making a decision.

So as you look at your life ask yourself what decisions you are willing to make to have the best life possible, the life you deserve.

And remember:

“When you have to make a decision and don’t make it, that is in itself a decision.”

Decision Making Tips

  • Make one decision at a time even if you have several that are interconnected. Addressing them individually allows you to gain more clarity and by focusing on one decision the others are far more likely to fall into place.
  • Ask for advice and thoughts from your trusted circle but ensure that the final decision is yours. Take ownership and responsibility; there is no external blame.
  • Make sure you have the facts you need about the topic or situation. Making a decision is a lot easier when you have the right information and can consider the possible outcomes of your actions.
  • Don’t over think the situation. Whilst it is important to have the facts and to collate any necessary information do not allow it to become a procrastination assignment where you double check, double check and do it once more to be on the safe side (and still not have a decision)! Instead be clear on what it is going to take in order for you to make a final decision. For example, ‘Once I’ve read ‘x’, spoken with ‘y’ and researched ‘z’ I will be ready to draw my own conclusions and make a decision.’

Record your decision; this will act as your accountability partner (did you follow through?) as well as provide an opportunity to reflect on the outcomes (did I achieve what I set out to? Could a different decision have brought better results?)

Live Blissfully!


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