You’ve Got To Have A Goal

Goal Setting


I’m often asked what the point of goal setting is. Well, it’s to give you the opportunity to have a planned life journey, a sense of direction, as opposed to living a life that’s dictated to you or for you. With life’s unpredictable occurrences, it must lend itself to changes along the way but it’s about having an ultimate outcome.

Think about it: when you set out in your car to an unknown destination would it be fair to say that you either plan the journey, take a map to help you on the way or plug in the destination in the satnav? Any one of these will help keep you on the right path and even if you go off course the tools you have at hand will help get you back on track.

So why is it that in your zest for a better life you often expect it to just happen? If you haven’t put any plans in place to provide your desired outcome how can you expect anything? And without the desired outcome how do you know where you are heading?

And that’s what goal setting is all about; putting a plan in place that gets you to your desired way of life be it in business success, wealth creation, supporting a charity or providing a certain lifestyle for your family and loved ones.

What happens if you don’t know where you want to go?

What if you don’t have any idea of where to start the journey? As with all good journey’s you must start from here, right now. You need to assess the different areas of your life and ask yourself how satisfied/happy you are with each. The best way to do this is on a scale of 1-10 so that if you can score an area of your life with a 7 in terms of satisfaction you can then ask yourself if you want or need that area of your life to be more than a 7. If you do, what goal would be compelling enough to inspire you to take the necessary action to get to an 8/9 or 10 and what would an 8/9 or 10 look like, what difference would it make?

Goal setting helps you achieve the things that are important to you. Goals should be motivating, timed (a goal without a deadline is just another thing ‘to do’) and specific (stating you want to lose weight is not a goal, it’s just a flimsy statement)

And the more you can tie your goals into the vision of your ‘dream life’ as well as your passion the more likely you are to achieve them. Every goal needs to be bite-sized, manageable and realistic.

Dare to dream big, don’t be constrained by what you think you can achieve based on your experience thus far, remember there is a whole other space outside of your comfort zone to be investigated. Think big, be bold!

Goal Setting

You want things to be different in your life but you don’t know where to start.

Assess where you are now, be clear about who you are (passions, values, dreams), brainstorm all the things you’d love to do (leave nothing off the list regardless of how outlandish it might seem), then choose no more than 3 areas of focus, visualise what you’d like to see in those areas (how they look, feel, who is involved, what impact it has on you), plan steps backwards from the desired picture to where you are now (markers) and then take action.

One small step at a time will get you there; consistency and persistency rule!


Live Blissfully!


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