Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder


FACT: We are bombarded daily with images of 20 something’s looking glamorous with girl-872149_1280perfect hair and skin. We are told grey hair and wrinkles are ‘not the way to go’ and that by the time we get to a certain age we must stop wearing clothes that show anything that might be deemed unsightly!

What they don’t tell you in the ads, of course, is that the photos are airbrushed to the editor’s vision of ‘perfection’, that that 20 something potentially has unhealthy eating habits and that someday in the not too distant future, she too will be grey haired with wrinkles (regardless of the endless plastic surgery they may choose to undergo). That’s the reality…

So when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? How much time do you spend critiquing yourself and what is the content of those critiques?

It is time to recognise your beauty, to acknowledge that your uniqueness is your beauty. And when you feel good about yourself on the inside it is so much easier to feel good about the outer image, whether it conforms to general standards of beauty or not.

Do you ever meet women and just think ‘wow, she is beautiful’ and the beauty you are referring to is her energy, her vibrancy, her presence? This is the kind of beauty that leaves a lasting effect on others; this is the beauty that is worth working at.

Of course, there is pleasure to be gained from enhancing outer beauty, be it a day at the hairdresser’s, a day at the beauty salon or shopping for that drop-dead wardrobe! And these are activities that should be enjoyed but they are not essential or for everyone.

There are also a few beauty treatments that I recommend for essential well-being;

Massages & facials – massages are particularly great for your internal well-being. Your body benefits from these treatments as they cleanse, realign and detox you, thus reducing tiredness, stress and leaving you with a healthy glow!

Whatever you do in your beauty regime be confident in your decision and don’t be lured by the ever-growing pile of magazines telling you, you aren’t quite enough.

Read the magazines that celebrate you.

You are amazing; you are beautiful, from the inside out… You Are Awesome

Live Blissfully

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