Getting Past Fear


I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast this week with Brian Mayne talking raven-988218_1280about positive thinking and the impact we can have on what we do based on how we think and feel. His message was about successful people being focused on what they wanted and that, that related to them wanting to be their best.

Fear, on the other hand, manifested in unsuccessful people on the principle that if you think you can’t, you can’t.

So how do people get past fear? It clearly impacts the ability to achieve and fulfil one’s goals so why allow it to get in the way?

I have come to see Fear in the following light;





The reason it appears real is that most people project the worst possible outcome and tie strong emotions to that outcome; feelings of embarrassment, failure, being a laughing stock, being irresponsible and not meeting other people’s expectations.

Therefore, it is imperative to put the focus on what you want to such a degree that the feelings associated with achieving that outcome far outweigh any feelings tied to fear. Maybe then part of getting past fear is knowing, with certainty, what you want and based again on conversations I have had there are lots of people who have no idea what they really want (but have little trouble identifying what they don’t want!)

Here are some of my tips for managing/dismissing fear:

  • Stop viewing things going wrong visually! Those visuals heighten your emotions and ‘appear real’. Start visualising what you want to see happen
  • Stop viewing things going wrong as a failure. Failure is when you hit a brick wall and don’t bother to rise up again. Look for the lesson when things don’t go according to plan. There might even be an opportunity lurking in the ‘rubble’
  • Be clear about what you want. Getting that laser-like focus on what you want will help you place your emotional energy where it counts. Then set goals to get you there
  • Break every goal or action step down into manageable pieces. Better to do a small deed every day than trying to take on the world in a day. Each small step will build your confidence and motivation
  • Keep your eye on the goal – make it visual, remember why you started the journey, see the end picture of you crossing the line and the life you will have thereafter…

Be the best that you can be and ensure your goals are focused on bringing out the best of who you are. These are the things that will help get you past fear…

What tips would you offer someone stuck in the fear mindset? Check out Words of Encouragement Video

Live Blissfully,


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