If Not Now, When?


If not now, when? Now there’s a question… clock-474128_1280

You think about making changes in your life. You have dreams and hopes yet to be discovered. You want to maximise your time here on planet earth. And yet… nothing seems to get done to bring the desired change. Procrastination, lack of self-belief, a lack of confidence, a distinct lack of support, growing fear – you name the barrier and there it is, larger than life, staring you in the eye daring you to rise above it.

You do nothing. You freeze. You try to forget your desires. You tell yourself it’s just stupid day dreaming. You let go… but every so often the nagging feeling comes back – not too often but often enough for you to notice it.

Wherever you are in your life right now if you have an unfulfilled dream, goal or desire, if not now, when? When will it be time to get into action? What will it take to get you into action? What are you really waiting for? And if it is the right time, what does the ‘right time’ look like and how will you ever get to it if you don’t make any changes now?

The ability to talk yourself out of doing anything is high. Why? Fear mostly. And whilst there may be a multitude of reasons behind the fear; failure, success, being in the limelight, not being well received, being disliked and so on, fear can be broken down into two main camps.

Camp 1

Fear of not being enough – if you don’t believe you are enough (not worthy, nothing special, not as good as ‘x’) ultimately you will write yourself off before you have even started. All the ‘what if’s’ and other people’s perceptions (or your perception of their perceptions), play a part. And on a deeper level…

Camp 2

Fear of not being loved. Whether you like it or not as a human being you have a basic need to be loved and therefore the thought of the pain of rejection often seems greater than having a breakthrough and going for your dream.

When all is said and done you have a choice; to live in the shadows of your camps or to get on and do the things you want to, regardless. Yes, easier said than done but how much do you want the dream, to reach the goal? Is it more fearful to follow the dream or to turn your back on it? Because if the thought of not achieving it fills you with greater fear you’ll get into action!

Accept that fear never truly disappears it just becomes more manageable (and it even serves a purpose from time to time). So if you are waiting for that perfect day when you feel nothing but 100% confident, know that it might be a very long unfulfilling wait. Why not invest in some action now and see what happens. And ask yourself, if not now, when?

Live Blissfully!


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