Guilt serves one purpose; to keep you engaged in your past. It holds you there and if you model-2346258_1280are there you are unable to be here in the present. And that means you are not living your life because the only life you have is here and now.

Guilt is a grip like vice throwing up negative thoughts and behaviours you have had. The guilt might be related to the things said or done or the fact that you never sought forgiveness from those involved or even from yourself.

Behaviour is what you do not who you are so even if you have behaved ‘poorly’ you must learn to let it go. Behind every person is a skeleton or two (possibly a cupboard load!) You need to choose to forgive yourself and others or forever live at half your potential; that is eventually what guilt will force you to do. You will never believe you are worthy of greater circumstances if you overload yourself with guilt.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an error free life?  A life where you did everything right, where everything that was ‘expected’ of you, you did? The reality is rarely this.

Whether your guilt stems from something you unfairly said or did to someone else, ask for their forgiveness or seek to forgive the inability you experienced in that moment to do the right thing.

Where your guilt stems from a poor behaviour that became a habit, seek the help required to break it. Don’t be ‘fearful’ of asking for help, it may be in the asking that you set yourself free from it.

I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t felt guilt over thoughts they have had or things they have done but those same people made a firm decision to get beyond the limiting beliefs that guilt bring. They decided they deserved more from life than to stand in front of the skeleton filled cupboard in the hope of hiding their past from others. I speak from experience!

The truth is that in time people will find out about your past if they so desire and if the universe feels they need to know so why fight it? Your errors might be the story that propels you to a higher level of living, it might be the story that helps another make changes in their life or it might just be a relief for yourself.


Kiss guilt goodbye. Guilt will cripple you into the past. Things said or done that you wish you could take back, do differently.

Write a list of all your past regrets. Read the list and sincerely forgive yourself. Acknowledge your desire and decision to move on and be the better you then either shred, burn or cut up the list and let it go. If doing this feels too simplistic to clear the feelings of guilt, go one step further and share the regret with one other person; someone you trust and who will not be judgemental. Talk it out of you, then let it go…

Live Blissfully,


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