The Power Of Beliefs


Our beliefs are so powerful that they can often blind us from seeing other perspectives. nack-499099_1280And these can be so ingrained that they prevent individuals from achieving their goals. The first step to transforming your limiting beliefs is to acknowledge that you have them and to identify them.

Limiting beliefs are the labels you use to describe yourself and your behaviour as well as the labels others use. So, for example, if you trip over and you call yourself clumsy then that is a limiting belief you have given yourself.

That might not seem a big deal but if you keep on labelling yourself with that belief then you will live it… It will become your expectation of you. Same as when you say I can’t do this or that. You think and act a certain way triggering a chain reaction of behaviours which attract the events and circumstances in your life that reinforce your expectations. Your lens of the world focuses in on the things you ‘know’ will occur and this ‘know’-ledge is often based on a specific experience or several similar experiences.

What are your limiting beliefs in the different areas of your life?

  • Your work & career
  • Your health & well being
  • Your family, friends & relationships
  • Your learning & development
  • Your role as a parent or partner
  • Your personal success
  • Your finances

Take 20-30 minutes looking at these areas of your life and consider what the ‘limiting beliefs’ you have around them, what do you specifically believe in each of these areas to have the life you currently have? For example, ask yourself,

  • ‘What do I believe about my relationships to experience the arguments and conflicts I have?’
  • ‘What do I believe about my finances to experience all the hardships I have been having?’

Don’t rush this, take some real time now to think these through.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Question the validity of your beliefs: How is this belief out of place/crazy?
  • Transform your language, thoughts and perspectives about these beliefs
  • Make a conscious effort to control your habitual reactions and responses to events and circumstances that trigger the belief
  • Identify long-term consequences of your beliefs in to create enough pain to motivate yourself to take action

What Are Empowering Beliefs?

Empowering beliefs are the ones that move you forward with greater momentum towards your goals & desire. They are supportive and encouraging by nature. Ask yourself;

  • ‘What empowering belief will make a positive difference in my life?’
  • ‘What beliefs would support me in achieving the goals I have in each area of my life?’
  • ‘What would I need to believe to have already achieved my goals & objectives?’

Create empowering beliefs that are ‘believable’ to you. Begin to accept that you have potential beyond your current knowledge and experience so that you can open yourself up to believing the possibilities outside of your current circumstances. For example:

  • I have everything I need to succeed – you have inner resources that are yet to be tapped into that will empower you to achieve your goals
  • I am in the driver’s seat of my life – you have the choice to take control of the elements of your life that are within your control; be decisive
  • I take responsibility for the outcomes in my life – whatever you decide, take responsibility for the decision and the outcome
  • Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow – understand that challenges, mistakes, failures all provide an opportunity to better understand yourself, others and life
  • I appreciate other people’s opinions but the final decision is mine – be willing to listen to other people’s perspectives, they can often broaden your horizon. But ensure you own any decisions you make
  • Setbacks are only temporary – realise that no matter what is happening in your life currently, it too shall pass. Just as wonderful days come and go, so do difficult days. Learn to appreciate them all, in the knowledge they will move on

Once you have a selection of empowering beliefs you need to use them daily so that they become part of your normal thinking. When you find yourself straying to limiting beliefs, notice them, question their validity and then think how you might better word your thoughts about the situation.

Check out The Power Of Beliefs to get your belief switch into action!

Live Blissfully


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